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On the 1st of June, 2002 I walked in the Scarborough Faire parade.
It was quite a learning experience, in the past I only made the armor,
this was the first time I wore the armor and really felt what it is like
to wear a 100 lbs. of steel.

That is also the first time I made armor to fit me, which is somewhat
Ironic. The parade was about a mile long, it was only on the fair grounds,
all together I walked about three miles in the suit.

Points learned:
1.) The harness was not as hot as I anticipated in the Texas sun.
2.) The suit was also more comfortable over time.
3.) I got a better understanding about strap placement.
4.) Due to the perspiration and the heat, it took only a few hours for the rust to set in.
5.) People have a strong urge to touch shiny armor !!!!!!

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