Scarborough Faire Royal Guard 2004
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King Henry VIII wants you !

His Majesty King Henry VIII and Klaus (AKA Sir. Klaus Panzer)

Sir. Panzer is a German Knight in the service of his Kaiser Maximilian
fulfilling the function as a liaison to the English court.
Sir. Panzer's roll is to observe the English court life and streamline
and maintain the best of diplomatic relations between the two powers.
Sir. Panzer's standing order from his Kaiser is to save guard Henry VIII,
the Kaiser's friend and close allies. With that mission in mind; Sir. Panzer
is presently in the Royal Guard of King Henry VIII at the court at Scarborough.

This page has the purpose of documenting the guard, if you see
an error please contact me so that I can correct it. We are
working on this as we go. Thank you all very much, we see you there !

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