Zack's, 14ga. pauldrons and 16 ga.
upper armor, from start to finish.

This page is depicting the project of Zack's custom order.

The person on the left is Zack in his Gothic armor.

From the planing:
To the construction:
The implementation:
Using the English wheel
to get a very deep
dishing with a
number #5 wheel

Using a piece of
iron wood to
chiesel into.
Chieseling the pauldron,

After some cleaning.
To show articulation.
Vambrace are done.
This is for a new elegant
gothic elbow cop design.
This elbow cop is open in
the back and has good
strength from the side and top.
This is the elbow just
bend into place.
This is after a double weld,
inside and out.
This is after both bottom pieces.
The welding is done on one.
This is the arm from the front.
This is the arm from the back.
The end of all the work on the arms.
Here are just the elbows.
Zack flew down from Chicago to pick up his armor.
This is Zack with his harness to hold the arms in place.
This was a special order for Zack A dishing form and a creasing stake The gothic rondels are made from 16ga. steel.

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Klaus Jürgen Gehr (Armorer)

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