This project is for a Milanese Breastplate
with Gorget for Steve S. in 18ga. 304 Stainless.

This page is depicting the armor as we build it.

This is Steve in his armor.

-March 16, 2009-
The pattern for Steve's breastplate.
After cutting the plates for the breastplate with the plasma-cutter.
-March 18, 2009-
The lower part of the breastplate on the Englishwheel.
After cutting the upper edge.
Another view to show the plate. . .
-March 19, 2009-
After general cleaning, turning the edges to be rolled.
The edges are ready to be rolled with the wire.
-March 23, 2009-
The first side done with the roll.
The look of the roll after it was done.
Driving the top of the breastplate. The general look and feel of the armor.
-March 25, 2009-
The turnup on the bottom of the breastplate to hold the faulds.
The general feel and look of the faulds, figure the angle.
-March 26, 2009-
Type of tassets, just let me know which one you like.
. .
-March 29, 2009-
The faulds and tassets on the steel.
Compound curves on the faulds and tassets.
The look and feel of the faulds with the tassets. The articulation of the faulds.
-March 30, 2009-
The shaping and trimming of the top of the breastplate.
The inside of the breastplate.
-March 31, 2009-
The breastplate after a base polish with buckel / D-Rings.
Top view, the top piece will not be shaped into place until the Gorget is done.
-April 8, 2009-
The back plate, design and cut.
-April 10, 2009-
The look of the breastplate.
The raw back plate, after the roll.
-April 13, 2009-
The back plate, before the tunning.
The inside look and feel.
-April 16, 2009-
The gorget on the steel.
The basic pieces.
-April 20, 2009-
The basic gorget, the compound work is next.
Second view.
-April 22, 2009-
The rolled lame around the neck.
All the parts for the gorget.
Gorget, front view. Gorget, rear view.
The latch and the arming point. Gorget, inside view.
-April 30, 2009-
The front look with the gorget and the back plate.
-May 10, 2009-
The front view, keep in mind the armor is to big for Josh.
Back view.
This show how the back plate can move. The same thing, just the other direction.
-May 12, 2009-
The design for the pauldron.
The key lame piece for this pauldron.
-May 13, 2009-
The pauldrons center lame in the englishwheel.
The general feel of the lame on the contour of the shoulder.
-May 25, 2009-
The pauldron's top lame with the hawkguard.
Second view.

-May 31, 2009-
Front view.

Side view.

Back view.

-June 8, 2009-
The pauldron's after cleaning.
Second view, pauldron articulation.

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