This project is for a German Maximilian Gorget
in 16ga. Steel, made to be worn under the Breastplate. There
is not enough space under the breastplate for a rolled edge.

This page is depicting as we work on this project.
The idea for this project was inspired by Wade Allen.
Here is the link to Wades site:

-18 Nov 2014-
New pattern of a gorget.
Cutting the steel.
The basic plates of the gorget. Basic art on the steel.
-20 Nov 2014-
Working the back.
Making the gorget fastner on the lathe.
Top decor of the fastner. The basic idea how it works.
The idea after is would be mounted. The general look and angle of the gorget.
The size of the neck. After burring the art.
-22 Nov 2014-
The general front look.
The back after burring.
-25 Nov 2014-
The neck opening.
The inside view.
The hinge and lock.
-29 Nov 2014-
Got a chance to work on the neck today.
. .
-5 Dec 2014-
The neck in the gorget.
The burr lines and trimmed the leather.
The decore on the washer. After the burring.
-7 Dec 2014-
The scaled neck on the gorget, starting the clean-up.
Using a cut-off wheel to start the scaling.
Using a triangular metal file to form the edges. The main form of the gorget is saled.
-8 Dec 2014-
Both sides are cleaned.
Start the scaling.
Placed the leather straps on the first lame. Front view #1.
Side view #1. Front view #2.
Side view #2. Back view #1.
The End

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Klaus Jurgen Gehr (Armorer)

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