This is a project for a Italian style breastplate
made out of 1018 Steel with a jousting hook .
All edges are rolled and roped.

This page is depicting this project
with a polished look on the steel.

This is the jousting hook, the hook is made of 440 steel. The back of the holder is taped this way it can be removed if need too.
This shows all the parts which makeup the breastplate.
This is the arm plate and the jousting hook. This is a closeup of the roping.
The jousting hook on the breastplate. Closeup of the jousting hook.
The inside of the breastplate with the arm guards down. The arm guards up.
The screws inside the breastplate. A closeup of the outside of the breastplate.
With the jousting hook down. Closeup of the faulds.
The breastplate with the faulds down and the arm guards up. The inside of the breastplate, this is how it will wear.

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