This project is for a Armet made
out of 14ga. 304 stainless Steel.
Made for Scott B.

This page is depicting the project as we go.
- -
The End !

-12 Aug. 2009-
This is the basic look of the helmet, with a split visor.
-16 Sep. 2009-
This is the basic pattern for the skull piece.
-20 Sep. 2009-
The skull pieces are only shaped on the EWheel.
The pieces sofar, but they still need more pushing.
-4 Oct. 2009-
The basic skull piece with the center ridge.
- -
-22 Oct. 2009-
The raw skull piece after TIG welding.
The speed of the TIG weld run is very critical for stainless at this size work, because of heat build-up.
-25 Oct. 2009-
After grinding off the welds.
Close-up of the raw grinding.
-5 Nov. 2009-
This helmet has more mobility.
There is more room to move the head in the neck. This is a for-runner of the Burgonet.
-8 Nov. 2009-
Side view with the first lame.
The lames will have sliding rives, however I will place thin leather over then to keep the hair out of the lames.
The pattern for the lame, this will have a compound shape to it once I am done with all the lames. I will plasma cut the front after I have the functional neck guard in place.
-11 Nov. 2009-
After I started testing the articulation, I found a small angle change gave me greater mobility.
-22 Nov. 2009-
The pattern on the steel and after the cut.
The lames as a structure, this is real raw. The pieces need to be worked and shaped into place, this is just the raw idea.
-23 Nov. 2009-
The first lame, it still needs better shaping.
The articulation of the lame is very good, all other lames will do the same.
-25 Nov. 2009-
The lames of the neck guard.
-29 Nov. 2009-
The lower part of the visor after basic shaping.
The general look of the lower visor.
-30 Nov. 2009-
The upper visor's basic form. I left more steel then what is needed just to be safe.
-2 Dec. 2009-
Shaping the visor.
The compound curves are coming slowly.
-9 Dec. 2009-
New basic pattern.
I gave enough material to work the main visor, I will only TIG weld the parts of the visor which need the extra compound expansion which is over what the steel can handle.
-10 Dec. 2009-
The visor with enough steel to shape.
. .
-13 Dec. 2009-
The basic visor before the shaping.
-16 Dec. 2009-
The visor taking shape.
-Dec. 17, 2009-
After a rough TIG weld, front view.
I placed plenty of steel on the visor, this way I have enough material to sculpture.
-Dec. 23, 2009-
I had about 20 min. today, so I did the raw clean-up.
There are a few small spots I will clean-up with the TIG welder and then do the final cleaning.
-Dec. 28, 2009-
The general look in the raw. I will drive the lower part of the eyes more after the TIG welding.
-Jan. 25, 2010-
The sub visor, the general look, a view through the visor.
-Jan. 27, 2010-
Tunning-up all the plates first before the sub visor goes on. Rolled the back neck lame for the demi gorget.
-Feb. 1, 2010-
Shaping the sub visor and making all the plates play together.
-Feb. 3, 2010-
Placing the contour into the center of the visor for strengths.
The general look.
-Feb. 4, 2010-
The pattern for the first lame of the front gorget.
Now in steel.
Placing the second lame on the helmet, I will place rivets around the border for decore.
-Feb. 8, 2010-
The back lame of the gorget on the helmet, side view.
. .
-Feb. 10, 2010-
The last lame of the rear part of the gorget and a few pictures of interest.
-Feb. 16, 2010-
I did not like the way the back lame moved.
Now it has more articulation, see the green line.
-Feb. 18, 2010-
I re-welded the visor and the skull piece one more time.
Now comes the clean-up and balancing all the pieces to play together.
-Feb. 23, 2010-
Started the clean-up on the skull piece.
Ridge view, but it will need a little more cleaning.
-Feb. 25, 2010-
Basic clean-up of the visor.
This is before the equalization and buffing.
-Feb. 27, 2010-
The auto-latch for the main visor.
Once the visor goes down, it locks on it's own. Push the lock in and it will release the visor.
More pictures of the latch and how it works.
-Feb. 28, 2010-
General clean-up.

-Mar. 1, 2010-
The latch to keep the visor open and the pin to hold on to the visor during opening.
The pin to open the visor, better view.
-Mar. 3, 2010-
The last tasks before clean-up and shipping.
Second view.
-Mar. 8, 2010-
The pin which holds all the visors.
Close-up view.

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