Richard H., 18ga. Stainless Steel
Breastplate / Back plate / Tassets
plus acid etched artwork on the breastplate.

This page is depicting Richard's project as we go.

-10 May 2005-
This is the breastplate pattern for Richard's size.
The pattern for the tassets.
-16 May 2005-
The pattern on the steel.
After the plasma cut.

Top of the breastplate.
Before the weld.
-17 May 2005-
After the weld and the diversion-line.
Now the feel of the breastplate comes alive.
I welded the ends of the rolls closed.
-18 May 2005-
The fauld can move by 1.5 inches in front.
Now the fauld is up.
The fauld pattern and the cut.
Rolling the fauld.
-19 May 2005-
Fauld and breastplate pieces.
Two hours later about 90% of the cleaning is done.
The fauld up.
The fauld down, about a 1.75 inch swing.
Side view of the armor.
Cod fastner on the bottom of the breastplate.
-20 May 2005-
Pattern for the arm/pit guard pieces.
Arm guards cut out and some work done on them.
This is the look the breastplate will have with the arm guards.
The view from the side.
The arm guards bend in shape.
The top look of the guard.
-25 May 2005-
Inside of the breastplate.
The breastplate with the arm guards and the first part of the tassets.
The tassets pattern and the first lame.
The tasset lame with the off-set.
The arm guards how they move.
- -
-27 May 2005-
The tassets with pattern on the steel.
The tassets after cutting and some cleaning.
The tassets pieces after the edges are bend.
The bottom of the tassets one rolled the other before the roll.
-31 May 2005-
The armor with the tassets. The holes for the straps will be made on the final fitting.
The tassets will move out as much as needed.
The inside view.
Close-up of the tassets.
-2 June 2005-
The pattern for the cod-piece and the cod-piece in stainless. I also rolled the edges.
The look with the cod-piece.
-5 June 2005-
The art-work on the stainless.
The acid on the art.
The bottom of the tassets, they are different for each side.
The close-up of the art and the way the acid worked.
-6 June 2005-
The pattern for the gorget. There was a change in the order, now this armor will have a gorget and pauldrons with rear-vambraces.
The pattern for the backplate, in Richard's size.
-6 June 2005-
The art on the breastplate at this point.
Richard's crest, close-up.
-11 June 2005-
The armor after breastplate and tassets are cleaned.
The gorget uncleaned.
The latch on the gorget.
Just a side view.
-12 June 2005-
Richard came over to the shop, so we can fine tune the armor.
Richard with the gorget, the gorget still needs to be cleaned.
-15 June 2005-
Close-up of the pauldron / rear-vambrace, which has a small Tudor-Rose in the center.
The suit the way it will look, I still need to place straps on the lower part of the rear-vambraces and clean the whole suit.
-16 June 2005-
125k Size Pic.
The last picture, it is done.
690k Size Pic.
-19 June 2005-
Richard is picking up his new suit.
Richard in his suit.

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