This is for a set of barding armor for J. Ponczek.
The construction will be in 18ga. mild steel.
The parts of the Crinet.

This page is depicting the project as we make the armor.

-9 July 2006-
John's basic layout.
This is the pattern at 35".
The look at the
Chanfron / Crinet joint.
Site view.
-11 July 2006-
The cut out pieces for the Crinet.
-16 July 2006-
The art lay-out.
X are rivets
U are scaling
There will be ivy between the rivets like on the chanfron.
-29 July 2006-
Did not get a chance to update the page in the last two weeks. I am loaded with orders right now. I do not have much time to take pictures.
The crinet plates have been burred, roped and rolled. The plates have also been cleaned and are now ready to be buffed. The next step is the art work.
-13 Sept. 2006-
Raising the hump on the back.
A side view.
Another view. . .
-20 Sep.2006-
After driving the humps out.
Another view, closeup.
-21 Sep. 2006-
The inside cleaned. Sprayed the inside with clear spray paint.
Polished on the outside. Getting ready for the art work.
-25 Sep. 2006-
Sprayed the outside with Janes' Ground for ground.
Here is another view.
The info on Janes Ground .
-9 Oct. 2006-
The first plate is done.
The rim's are cleaned ready for the art work.
-26 Oct. 2006-
The lames after etching and shaping.
-29 Oct. 2006-
The End.
I end up using four straps to give it more control. .

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