This is for a set of barding armor for J. Ponczek.
The construction will be in 18ga./16ga. mild steel.
The parts of the Chanfron.

This page is depicting the project as we make the armor.

-5 Feb. 2006-
Horse armor definition.
This picture shows the armor J. Ponczek commissioned for.
The armor is by
Kunz Lochner 1548
Nürnberg, Germany

Impressionistic form/art work of the chanfron. . More reference data on this Armor
-12 Feb. 2006-
The die set to make the scalling look on the armor.
Second pic of the die set.
First test of the die, the pattern is to close. Second test, 3/4 of a inch looks and feel right on the spacing.
The customer is making a mold from the skull.
-21 Feb. 2006-
This is for the design for the chanfron pattern.
Now this is only 2 dimensional, once in metal it will be worked into a 3 dimensional piece .
This shows the pattern on the cast.
-24 Feb. 2006-
This is the blank for the wappenschild.
The size is the ratio against the chanfron.
-28 Feb. 2006-
This is with the art work. This is done by hand.
-2 Mar. 2006-
Wappenschild after the acid bath.
I like the feel and look, it has good contrast. .
-6 Mar. 2006-
This is the steel with the pattern.
The extra steel in front on the chanfron is for me to work-out the edge with the Englishwheel.
This is after the cut out with the plasma cutter.
The next thing is to clean the steel and start shaping it.
-7 Mar. 2006-
This is the steel with the cold rolled muck.
This is after the muck removal.
Placing the steel into the slip-roller. This placed the basic shape.
This is the basic lay-out for the chanfron. This is after placing the basic lines on the steel. This is placing the roping lay-out on the steel.
The roping guidelines. This is the basic look it will have.
This is after the scaling work.
-11 Mar. 2006-
This is working the edges.
The robing can be seen already for what it is.
A front shoot on the form, to get the basic shape. A side shoot, there is still a lot of work to too.
-14 Mar. 2006-
This shows a better view of how the eyes will fit in the chanfron.
-21 Mar. 2006-
The types of pens used on this test.
The line-up
After 10 min. After 25 min. in the acid bath.
After the bluing. The final shows that the Sharpie, Silver was the best.
-26 Mar. 2006-
Melting down the crayons.
The steel to test on.
The art work on the steel. The final out come. This is about 1/64" deep.
After the cleaning. The crayons on the chanfron.
This is some of the art work on the main piece.
-13 April 2006-
All the pieces are cut now.
I am getting close to finishing of the art work.
-21 April 2006-
Giving the Chanfron in the acid bath.
This is after the acid bath. Using the heat-gun to let the crayon's run off.
This is the final look on the steel.
-27 Apr. 2006-
Getting close to the end on this project, still need to do etching on the ears, eye-guard and side-guards and lots of cleaning.
-28 Apr. 2006-
John, did not like the look of the eye-guards, he feeled they did not looked right, like in the pictures.
Well, after looking at them again the next day, I think he was right, so here are the new guards.
-2 May, 2006-
All the pieces after cleaning.
Spraying the pieces in the back to get it ready for etching.
This it the first piece with the art and the Jane ground. This is the acid etching machine with the piece inside.
The machine is running. This is the pieces after etching.
-3 May, 2006-
The art work before the acid bath.
All the pieces are done now, all I have to do is clean and put it together.
-4 May, 2006-
Here is the final work.
Close-up shots.
-16 May, 2006-
The chanfron on the horse.

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