This project is for a Roman Breastplate in 18ga. 304
Stainless Steel, polished.This armor is for
Publius Quinctius Petrus Augustinus

This page is depicting as we make the armor.

-6 April 2013-
Designing the pattern, will upload the new design on Sunday.
-22 April 2013-
The pattern on the steel, this is a 10 foot long sheet.
Because the sheet is so large, I have to do a raw cut with the plasma cuter. The close cut is done with the Beverly Shear.
The general idea how this will look and feel. Close-up of the lion.
-23 April 2013-
Started the roll on the edges.
. .
-24 April 2013-Rolling the edges on the back plate. Back plate rolled on top.
-25 April 2013-Rolled the edges on the breast plate. . .
-26 April 2013-The steel on the english wheel, 2D. The steel on the english wheel, 3D.
The general look. The fastner for the lion.
-30 April 2013-Did a change on the back plate to be a better fit on the hip and did the raw bead roll. Did the raw bead roll on the breastplate.
-1 May 2013-All the edges are rolled. . .
-2 May 2013-Did work on the back plate and on the loops, Pete review the last picture for the decore on the bottom back plate.
-3 May 2013-The general look of the decore in brass and the loops. . .
-6 May 2013-It is getting close to the end. The decore on the back plate.
-6 May 2013-Well, like every good project, this is the end. Only need to cut the straps and punch holes once Pete picks up his armor. Full / Back side view.
-18 May 2013-Pete in his armor. . .

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Klaus Jurgen Gehr (Armorer)

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