This is a project for a shield
depicting the German Eagle.
This order is for Mark R.

This page is depicting this project as we go.

-2 May 2010-
This is the wood for the project
The two pieces are joint by a oak splice.
Now wait fot the glue to set. The art on the wood.
-6 May 2010-
The raw work.
-11 May 2010-
More clean-up.
-20 May 2010-
After painting.
-22 May 2010-
The distressed aged look, oil with poly sealer, gloss and flat paint.
Saarland wappen. -15 June 2010-
Raw work of the wappen.
Second view. -20 June 2010-
All the woodwork is done.
-25 June 2010-
The end and final look.
. .

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Klaus J├╝rgen Gehr (Armorer)

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