This project is for a 18ga. 304 Stainless Steel
Gorget with Mounted Knight pauldrons / arms for:
Lord Cinaeth Bartoschek
Note: The paudrons will have flange guards.

This page is depicting Kenny's armor as we make it.

Faire Pictures

2.) North Italian
c. 1570
This is a closed loop guard.
This elbow piece is in the Tower of London.
Note: Update we changed from this cop type to a more decore' type. (26 Aug. 2006)
-7 Aug. 2006-
This is the sized pattern for Kenny's pauldron.
This is just the base piece of the three part shoulder protection.
-8 Aug. 2006-
The pattern on the steel.
Both left and right are cut.
-10 Aug. 2006-
The pattern is taken shape after the rolling and roping.
The inside to view the roll.
-11 Aug. 2006-
The main lames are shaped, holes are drilled for the rivets.
A inside to view. There is a lot of contour on these pieces.
-13 Aug. 2006-
The gorget pattern on the steel in Kenny's size.
The main pieces cut out.
The roping and semi rolled. All the way roped.
The locking pin for the gorget in the lath. The pin after cleaning.
The front of the gorget, also see the hook with the pin. The back of the gorget with the contours.
-14 Aug. 2006-
The parts which makeup the neck for the gorget.
This will give a good idea what it will look like once it is done.
-15 Aug. 2006-
The neck part for the gorget.
The inside.
The front of the gorget. The side, all I need to do is clean and rivet the neck.
-16 Aug. 2006-
The front of the gorget.
The back.
-21 Aug. 2006-
The pauldrons with the lames.
All the lames are made, now they need to be shaped and the one lame rolled.
-22 Aug. 2006-
The pauldrons with the parts for the rear vambrace.
This is the way it will attach to the pauldron.
-23 Aug. 2006-
The inside of the pauldrons.
The pauldrons with arms. Just another look.
The pattern for the elboe cop. It taken me about two hours to design this piece. This is only one half of the cop, two will make a whole cop.
The two will be TIG welded as one. This type of cop is hard to find.
-25 Aug. 2006-
The elbow pattern on the steel.
The pieces after they are cut out.
The pauldrons with the flange guards.
-26 Aug. 2006-
The elbow cops before the TIG welding.
The elbow cop rolling the edge. That is a view looking at the channel before the wire is placed in it. . FG
-27 Aug. 2006-
Getting ready to TIG weld.
The piece after it is done.
The look of the elbow cop as a whole.
-29 Aug. 2006-
This is the second cop.
The hardest part of making this type of cop is the aligning of the two half's. They have to be with in about 1/32 of an inch together before TIGing. I forget to take pictures from the first one after the TIG welding.
-30 Aug. 2006-
Both cops are cleaned.
I will make the new flange guards better looking by TIG welding the support.
-31 Aug. 2006-
The first flange guard done.
A close up of the guard, it does have a better look.
-3 Sep. 2006-
Kenny, and his friend David, drove in from Louisiana for fitting and pickup.
This was the tie point the way I planned to do it originally. But the knot became a pressure point.
Front look. Back view.
The vambrace inside the new elbow cop. The old pattern is now to long with the new cop.
Side view. Kenny, making copys of the armor patterns, Kenny and David also make armor themselves.
Thank you David for taken these pictures.
-5 Sep. 2006-
The Pins for the Pauldrons.
They are about 2.25" in size.
View from above. Keep in mind they will be a 1/4" shorter once the are mounted. Side view.
The vambrace. . .
-6 Sep. 2006-
View from the front.
Side view.
Close up of the pins / tie point. -9 Sept. 2006-
Kenny picking up his Armor.
The End

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