This is a project for a set of Italian leg armor
made out of 18ga. 304 stainless Steel.
This armour is made for Kenny B.

This page is depicting this project as we go.

-17 July 2008-
Ideas for the side guards.
With rivets around the offsets I think they will blend with your armour. .
-10 Aug. 2008-
The knee cops are already TIG welded, the parts for the greaves.
The first greave.
-11 Aug. 2008-
The knee cop side guard, before TIG welding and cleanup.
-13 Aug. 2008-
The rest of the armour.
-17 Aug. 2008-
The cuissarts are about done.
A second look, inside.
-19 Aug. 2008-
The cuissarts with the side guards.
. .
-23 Aug. 2008-
Just some quick pictures for an update.
-24 Aug. 2008-
The greaves with the backings.
-28 Aug. 2008-
The cuissarts and greaves.
The greaves inside and out, with pin snaps.
-30 Aug. 2008-
The leg armor on Kenny after fine tunning.
The closeup

The End.

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Klaus Jürgen Gehr (Armorer)

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