This page shows the making of John P.
18 ga. stainless steel armor

This harness will include:
Breastplate with faults / tassets and back plate
Gorget with lames on neck , Pauldrons with rerevambrace
Elbow-cops , Vambrace with hinges , Rondels , Greaves

The breastplate
Cutting with a plasma-cutter
Breast and back plate cut. Offset on the edge
Burring Rolling the edge
Before the English wheel After about 15 min.
After about 30 min. To show the shape
After the rolling After rough cleaning
The pattern with the burr. After the roll with the wire
Shaping the elbow cop. After the cleaning
These are the parts which makeup the upper arms. The pauldrons are un cleaned at this time. The rear vambrace will need to be shaped and riveted.
The pattern and lay-out for the vambrace. The inside of the vambrace is almost done, still need to set all the rivets.
Using a large nail to make pins for the armor. You can see the clean 90 degree cut on the step.
Just to show the steps involved.

This is John in the armor for a pre fitting. The armor still needs to be cleaned. Sorry, I did not taken any pictures on making the gorget.

This was the last armor part of John's armor. The greaves have the shape of the flow of the leg. All what has to be done now is a good cleaning.

The Final fitting and Pickup
How to arm a knight.

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Klaus Jürgen Gehr (Armorer)

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