This project is for a set of Stainless Steel
Vambrace for John M.
The left vambrace will have a snake imbosed on it.
The body will be acid etched to show scalling.

This page is depicting John's project as we make the Vambrace.

-31 Aug 2005-
This is the lay-out / pattern for John's size.
-4 Sept. 2005-
This is the head of the snake.

This is the snake from the bottom.
-8 Sept. 2005-
This is the right side.

The other side, with the rest of the body.
Shaping the body of the snake.

-12 Sept. 2005-
The snake tail is done.
The right vambrace is done.

Close-up of the looking system.
Close-up of the looking system inside.

-18 Sept. 2005-Ready for the acid bath.
After both sides are done with the acid.

Close-up of the snake head.
Both are done.

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