This project is for Chanfron in 16ga. Steel
for Jim T. The shield will be acid etched to
show the Heraldry Lion.

This page is depicting Jim's project as we make the Chanfron.

-9 Jan 2006-
This is the lay-out / pattern for the chanfron.
This shows some of the parts already cut.

This is the body of the chanfron.
This is with the left ears riveted.

This is with both ears riveted.
-12 Jan 2006-
The Chanfron all together.

Side view of the Chanfron to show the contour of the horse head.
The inside of the Chanfron.

Close-up of the crest.
The bottom of the chanfron.

Side of the Chanfron.
Over all view after the bluing.

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Klaus Jürgen Gehr (Armorer)

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