This project is for a stain Glass for Jim T.

This page is depicting Jim's project as we make the English Heraldry.

-24 June 2005-
This is the art work
The overhead with the art on the plexiglass.
-25 June 2005-
The art on the plexiglass.
The Liquid leading on the crown.
-26 June 2005-
The Liquid leading for the whole Heraldry.
-28 June 2005-
The colors on the Heraldry.

-14 July 2005-
The look with light through the glass.
-14 August 2005-
The English hex design was placed on the rest of the window. The white haze in some of the clear is not done curating yet.

-22 Oct 2005-
The glass has to be mailed, this is the glass on the sides of the box.
Building the case/box for shipping.
Routing the bottom of the case, so the glass will fit.
Gluing the bottom on.
Glass in the still open case, see how the glass fits the routed bottom.
The glass after the aging, with direct sunlight behind it.
Close-up look of the glass with the aging.
The case is built and the glue is setting.
-23 Oct. 2005-
Steel reenforcement on the bottom.
The Glass the chain and the box/case.
Lowering the glass into the case.
The chain is attached to the top piece within the case.
Ready to Ship.
The case is:
58x52x3 ( 92Lb. )

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Klaus Jürgen Gehr (Armorer)

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