This project is for Jesse's wedding armor

This page is depicting the project as we make it.

-13 May 2007-
Idea's for the decore'.
. .
-9 May 2007-
This is the pattern for the elbow cop.
This is after the cutting and edge cleaning.
-14 May 2007-
The elbow cob with the art work.
-15 May 2007-
This is the end for the elbow cob's.
. .
-22 May 2007-
The pattern for the gorget.
The idea for the neck decore'.
-29 May 2007-
Cutting the gorget.
After the cutting and grinding.
-30 May 2007-
After the burring.
After bending the gorget into place.
-31 May 2007-
Making the locking pin for the gorget.
-2 June 2007-
Making the front neck guard.
-3 June 2007-
The look and feel of the gorget.
The latch, tie point for the pauldron and safty for the neck gaurd.
The inside if the gorget, the large leather on the tip is so the gorget does not scratch up the breastplate. Front shot.
This is to show how far the gorget opens. . .
-6 June 2007-
Pattern for the right pauldron.
The pauldron top.
Main side pauldron piece. Basic chiesel lines.
The lay-out. . .
-7 June 2007-
The right pauldron is done.
The inside of the pauldron.
The end of the right Pauldron.
-11 June 2007-
The pattern for the left pauldron.
The pattern on the steel.
Driving the pauldron lame on the englishwheel. The gothic fluking lines on the lame.
-12 June 2007-
The pauldron with the neck lame and the general look.

The pauldron would hang lower on the out side.
-13 June 2007-
The pauldron with the rest of the lames.
All the pieces.
-14 June 2007-
The general look of the armor.
Once the flange guard is set on the pauldron, the screws will be replaced with rivets.
-15 June 2007-
The pauldron with the flange guard.
Riveting and clean up will be done tomorrow. Jesse, give me a call, your cell is not working.
-16 June 2007-
The pattern for the vambraces.
The vambraces are all cut.
The side guard with pattern, the general look.
-19 June 2007-
The first vambraces.
The inside of the vambrace.
-20 June 2007-
The vambraces are done, the new flange guard.
-21 June 2007-
The third flange guard pattern.
The guard will be TIG welded on a plate and riveted.
-23 June 2007-
The fourth flange guard pattern.
. .
-24 June 2007-
Jesse's arm guard driven out.
TIG welded the holes closed.

The End !

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