A Gothic Breastplate with back plate for James K.
in the German style, in 18ga. 304 Stainless Steel
with black leather.

This page is depicting the progress on James's armor.

-6 Sep 2007-
This is the general drawing to work from.
-10Sep 2007-
The pattern design against the pic in the corner.
Top view. The two pattern alone.
-11 Sep 2007-
The pattern on the steel.
The rough cut with the plasma cutter.
The Fleur-de-Lys on the steel. The art on the steel.
-13 Sep 2007-
The basic shape.
The new pattern for the top half.
The top part with the modifications. . .
-14 Sep 2007-
Rolling the edges for the neck and arms.
The front with the roll.
The basic look. The side view, now comes the shaping of the two pieces into place.
-15 Sep 2007-
The top and bottom move, look at mark.
The inside.
The slitting rived view. Both pieces apart.
-16 Sep 2007-
More tune-up on the two plates.
The art on the lower part of the breastplate.
View of the buring/flutting setup. The work view from the top.
The setup.
Mike, does this answer your question?
The bottom piece.
-18 Sep 2007-
The top piece is fluted and needs cleaning.
. .
-19 Sep 2007-
The basic look after some cleaning, plus the bevor retainer.
Close up of the bevor retainer. It is made of titanium.
-20 Sep 2007-
The back plate design.
Second pic.
-21 Sep 2007-
The back plate on the steel.
After the cut.
-22 Sep 2007-
Rolling the back plate.
After the basic lines.
The basic look from the back. Inside look, the back plates will move by about a 1 inch.
Both pieces. . .
-23 Sep 2007-
The buckle on the breastplate.
Both sides.
The fault on the steel. All three faults are cut and have the basic shape.
Second view. The faults up, once you sit down.
Better view of the art, got lucky on the pic. The light was just right.
-24 Sep 2007-
Rolled the bottom of the fault and placed decore on them.
-25 Sep 2007-
The back plate with the faults.
All the parts and pieces.
-26 Sep 2007-
The all pieces are formed into place.
The back plate.
This shows the moving back plate down. Up
-27 Sep 2007-
The breastplate.
The back plate. Now comes the final clean-up. This will ship tomorrow.
-28 Sep 2007-
The armor on Jeff.
The breastplate outside in the sun. The End.
27 March 2008
Update: Six month later.
James changed this body by going to the GYM. A new upper breastplate has to be made.
29 Mar. 08
1 April. 08
This is the new piece before clean-up.
3 April. 08
This is the breastplate after clean-up.
The End, again. .

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