This project is for a set of
18ga. 304 Stainless Steel Greaves.

This page is depicting as we work on the Greaves.

-20 Aug 2014-
The new pattern on steel.
The basic shape.
Working the front up. Second view from the side.
-27 Aug 2014-
Cutting the second greave.
Worked more on the shaping of the first greave.
-9 Sep 2014-
Shaping the second greave.
Worked on both greaves.
-11 Sep 2014-
Shaping the greave over the sabatons.
Side view, this is going real slow, there is no welding on this.
-15 Sep 2014-
Still working the form, it is all by feel.
-18 Sep 2014-
Starting the cleanup.
. .

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Klaus Jurgen Gehr (Armorer)

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