This project is for a set of gothic paulden modifications.

This page is depicting as we work on the armor.

-7 April 2014-
The problem is the lames are to small for proper over lapping.
We will design a larger lame to fix this issue.
-8 April 2014-
The pauldon after pulling all the rivets.
The new lame with the extra rim space.
-9 April 2014-
Using the English wheel to shape the lame.
Showing the contour.
The old on the new lame. The new lame.
-10 April 2014-
The lames after cleaning and the carnuba.
Second view.
-11 April 2014-
The pauldrons cleaned and reassembled.
View of the straps.

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Klaus Jurgen Gehr (Armorer)

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