This project is for a set of new gothic pauldens.
For James B.

This page is depicting the work on the armor.

Here is a picture of James at
Texas Renaissance Festival (TRF) with his new armor.
This picture was taken by: Tropical Eagle Photography

-6 April 2014-
This is the first round of design.
This is the second version with the gothic line ending to a point and the leather rim / roping.
-16 April 2014-
This is the third round of design.
-18 April 2014-
With the changes.
-21 April 2014-
The arm lame design.
-10 May 2014-
James during the new gorget design.
The new pauldron design. The new gorget pattern.
-13 May 2014-
Gorget on the sheard.
The art in Stainless, brass, copper.
The back of the brass which holds the copper cross with solder. The art of Burke.
Second view
-14 May 2014-
The Gorget is rolled, which taken longer then I thought.
-15 May 2014-
The basic Gorget after the back rolled with pin.
-17 May 2014-
Gorget test fit.
View from the side, to make sure it flows with the body.
-19 May 2014-
Lames from the front of the gorget.
View of the roping.
-21 May 2014-
Lames on the gorget, front view.
Made a new back for the gorget, german style. Side view.
Back view of the gorget. The new lames for the back of the gorget.
-22 May 2014-
Closing the gorget.
Open Gorget.
Hinge of the gorget. Open gorget. Keep in mind, nothing is cleaned at this time.
-23 May 2014-
The art on the gorget.
How the art is secured under the gorget.
The general look of the gorget. Still much work has to be done.
-25 May 2014-
Fine tuning the gorget, have about 7" on the opening.
-26 May 2014-
This is the final look.
The latch hook.
The back. The side view. This is the end for the gorget.
-28 May 2014-
Patterns for the pauldrons.
The lames look from the side.
-29 May 2014-
Here are the ways to make the front of the pauldron look busy. Keep in mind the first large arch is the place of the lion.
-1 June 2014-
Here is a general concept of the pauldron.
Now there is no contour on the paper pattern so it will not look 3D. The buring has to be done after the shaping of the lames.
-3 June 2014-
Here is the new lay-out, now the spacing of the lines would have to change, but this will give the feel.
-6 June 2014-
Cutting out the lames.
Almost all the lames for the pauldrons are now cut, still need to cut the hawk guards.
-9 June 2014-
Rough cleaning of the lames, this has taken some time.
. .
-11 June 2014-
The basic feel and look from the front.
View from the side. Now nothing is formed or aligned.
From the back. View from the top. Now I have to work on shaping all the lames.
-16 June 2014-
The pauldron after basic lineup.
All the parts.
-17 June 2014-
The general look of the arms.
-18 June 2014-
The first look of the pieces together, the general feel. Nothing fully aligned or cleaned.
-21 June 2014-
James in his armor the general feel.
Second view.
-22 June 2014-
The art on the pauldron.
. .
-29 June 2014-
The art for the pauldron.
-1 July 2014-
The art in steel.
-4 July 2014-
The first main lame of the pauldron, close-up.
Both pauldrons at this time.
-5 July 2014-
The inside of the pauldron.
The hook.
The first real look and feel of this armor together.
-7 July 2014-
After general cleaning.
Second look.
-19 July 2014-
Fitting with new cardboard hawk-guard.
. .
-23 July 2014-
Hawk-guard art and steel.
-26 July 2014-
Gorget / pauldrons with hawk-guards.
Second look.
-15 Aug 2014-
The steel and the art work, the instructions for the photopolymer film.
Exposing the art to the UV / Sun.
Close-up of the art. Both Welsh Dragons.
The End. This was a fun project, but lots of work.

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Klaus Jurgen Gehr (Armorer)

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