This project is for a set of
Sabatons in the Gothic style
in 18ga. 304 Stainless Steel

This page is depicting as we make the Sabatons.

-28 Aug 2007-
This is the pattern on the steel.
A better view.
-30 Aug. 2007-
All the part are now cut-out.
-5 Sep. 2007-
Shaping the lames in place.
-6 Sep. 2007-
The shoes with the first parts.
All the parts, the first lames needs to be sculptured.
-7 Sep. 2007-
The general shape.
The articulation of the Sabatons.
After riveting the first Sabaton and semi cleaning. -8 Sep. 2007-
All the parts.
Spacer for riveting. The look of the Sabatons with the shoes.
The look from the side. The End.

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Klaus Jürgen Gehr (Armorer)

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