This project is for a 16ga. 1018 mild steel Gothic
arm harness for James from the movie -TimeLine-.

This page is depicting James project as we make the arm harness.


-21 June 2007-
These are the pictures of the arms to be copied into steel.

Ivey and Griffin per conversation:
Here is the pattern for the:Fleur-de-Lys
Fleur-de-Lys:Art work
-29 June 2007-
These are the pattern for the arms on the steel, the vambraces are formed.
-1 July 2007-
This is the pattern for the elbow cop. The bottom of the cop is a great shape.
-5 July 2007-
The gorget pieces cut and with the art on the pattern.
James let me know is this is what you had in mind. I will place the brass Fleur-de-Lys into the bottom of the gorget.
-8 July 2007-
The gorget is just about done.
James, here is a idea I had with the Fleur-de-Lys, let me know if you like the look. It is a little different then the one from the movie, but it looks cool, it is made of steel.
-11 July 2007-
The gorget is done.
. James, here is the pattern from the movie. Let me know what you think. I will wait for your reply before I make this out of brass
-12 July 2007-
This is the brass fleur, James let me know if this is what you had in mind.
-15 July 2007-
Working the second elbow cop.
James, I used small rivets on the fleur with the gorget. I thought the large rivets over powered the art.
-16 July 2007-
All the armor is done.
Once you get here James we drill the holes and mount the straps in the right places.
The Headband, James how about raising points in the center of the band ?
-17 July 2007-
The brass fleur on a stainless backing.
The loops on the site are for mounting the piece. This is not cleaned at this time.
-18 July 2007-
The end of the headband project.
James, we have to bend this into place to fit your head. Which is close the way I worked it already
-22 July 2007-
James picking up the armour.

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