This project is for a 16ga. set of low carbon steel
Gothic pauldrons/rondels (Besegew) for James B.

This page is depicting the project as we make the pauldrons / rondels.
These pieces are copy's from the movie -TimeLine-; armor used by
Lord Arnaut ( the French commander ).

James at TRF
-12 Sept. 2006-
These are the pieces to be copied.
These are the pattern for the project.
These are the pieces on the steel. The pieces after cutting.
-14 Sept. 2006-
Driving out the gothic lines on the pauldron.
This is the rough work of the piece.
-17 Sept. 2006-
The pauldrons in parts.
The pauldrons are done, still have to make the rondels.
-18 Sept. 2006-
The first rondel.
The rondels have a high polish and it does not look like what you see in the pictures.

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Klaus Jürgen Gehr (Armorer)

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