This page is for Modifications and
new options on a collection of armour.

This page is depicting the work as we go.

-Jan. 7, 2008-
The holes for the tie points in front.
This is the back.
Mounting the helmet decor on the helmet. A shoot under the decor after folding the material.
Side view. With the full mount.
-Jan. 9, 2008-
The first play with the dragon wings.
The I have some more thoughts which I will put on paper. This is just a raw out line.
-Jan. 10, 2008-
After removing the old strap and drilling out the old rivets.
After installing the new faster system and straps, there is no buckle but two D rings.
-Jan. 14, 2008-
The dragon wing
Second view.
Second wing long.
-Jan. 19, 2008-
Wings cut-out.
After the basic cut.
-Jan. 26, 2008-
The basic outline on the wings.The raised part on the wing is the mounting point.
It is always good to shape both pieces athe the same time, this way they will match the art work better.
Note for John
-Feb. 12, 2008-
The first wing almost done.
A close-up view after planishing and cleaning.
-Feb. 14, 2008-
The End, satin finish on the outside and under the wings, polished only on the raised bones structures.




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