This project is for the modification
of Randall's armor for horse back.

This page is depicting the project as we make the changes.

- 23 Jan. 2007-
This is the top of the cuisse, which is too long. Also the new outside strap.
This shows the inside and the new Y strap/bottom straps.
This is the pattern for the shorter lame. Closeup.
The side view of the new pattern which follows the lines. The front view, which gains about 1.75 inches, the extra material is for the roll.
The greave/s with the new straps and the mod on top/bottom to remove the edges. . .
- 25 Jan. 2007-
These are the new top lames for the cuisses.
The new lames rolled.
- 26 Jan. 2007-
This is the new top lame on the cuisse. The new lame follows the lines of the armor.
This is the look after the change, Cliff is holding the armor.
The End

- 11 Feb. 2007-
The breastplate with the lines to cut.
The inside.
The upper part of the breastplate pattern. The modification needed.
We need more room around the neck, about 2.5 inches. Ready to plasma cut the neck expansion.
After the cut and cleanup. This will be the new insert for the neck, it is rolled out of 18ga. SS.
This is after it is done, and polished. The rivets are brass to match the rest. The inside.
-12 Feb. 2006-
The pattern on the steel.
Rolling the side guards around the wire.
This is the side guard on the upper breastplate. This is the general look, screws is holding it in place, which will be replaced by rivets tomorrow. I will use small flat rivets on the sides.
-13 Feb. 2006-
The breastplate is done.
The last two rivets are flat steel so not to rub over the rear-vambraces.
In side view of the breastplate with the side guards. Better view of the side.
-14 Feb. 2006-
The breastplate and backplate together.
The pattern on the steel.
After the cut out. The pattern and the new side guards/extensions.
-16 Feb. 2006-
The back plate is drilled.
The new arm guard held by clamps.
The breastplate and back plate together with the extension. The straps on the sides.
The look from the front. The look from the back.
The End

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