This project is for a arm harness
for Lee in 18ga. 304 Stainless.

This page is depicting the work as we design and build the armour.

-Jan. 8, 2008-
This is the first idea for the arms.
This is just a starting point. Once all the ideas are down, I will build the armour.
We may also use the heraldry on this armour.
-Jan. 10, 2008-
The lilly in the field art.
This came from a photo, this would be a 2D picture we could place on steel. .
The tie points on the helmet and plume holder. Front and back view, the holes are all deburred from both sides.
-Jan. 19, 2008-
The new plume holder and decor ring.
The new liner with straps.
-Jan. 27, 2008-
The pattern for the whole arm.
Close-up of the upper arm.
-Jan. 28, 2008-
The pattern on the steel.
The basic armour parts for the arms.
-Jan. 30, 2008-
The pauldron and the re-vambrace.
Second look, just the basic shape at this time.
-Jan. 31, 2008-
The elbow-cop's.
This is the basic shape, they need to be cleand and polished.
-Feb. 1, 2008-
The elbow-cop's after TIG welding the the bottom closed.
Now comes the clean-up and polishing.
Direction of the art work.
-Feb. 6, 2008-
The elbow-cop's are done, the only thing is to punch hole in the straps.
. .
-Feb. 9, 2008-
This is the art on the vambrace.
I am using Jane Ground as ground. This will be positive etching.
Here are the pauldrons, inside view. They need one more good polishing and cleaning and they are done.
The acid etching machine with the art. Close-up of the art.
The art after the machine. Both are done.
-Feb. 11, 2008-
The arms all done.
The art work on the vambrace.

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