This project is for a 18ga. stainless steel
set of leg armour, the knee cops will be 16ga.

This page is depicting the project as we make the legs for Amber.

- 27 Dec. 2006-
This is the pattern for the greaves on the steel.
This is after the cut.
This is the first greave before cleaning. - 28 Dec. 2006-
The left greave on the Englishwheel.
This is the greave after general shaping. Both greaves are done and ready for cleaning.
- 29 Dec. 2006-
The pattern for the knee cop.
the pattern on the steel 16ga. SS.
After the cut. Before dishing.
After the first pass. For pass two a deeper dish.
After the second pass. For pass third a deeper dish again.
After the third pass. Doing this in multi steeps moves the metal more equal and cleaner. However it takes longer.
- 30 Dec. 2006-
This is the pattern for the lames.
A side view of the lames on the cop.
The lames extended. The inside.
- 31 Dec. 2006-
The pattern on the steel.
Cut with the plasma cutter.
Using the shears to cut the detail. After placing the center line on the pieces, will chiesel in the ridge next.
A inside view of the cop. Side view.
To show the articulation. Inside view of the articulation.
-1 Jan. 2007-
Both knee cops are done.
The look of the lower leg armor, still need to chiesel and clean.
-2 Jan. 2007-
The pattern for the Cuisse.
After the bottom cut out.
From top to the center 12 inches. Side view.
-4 Jan. 2007-
Turning the edge very slow with a soft hammer.
Both legs are turned now.
-5 Jan. 2007-
The top lame of the Cuisse.
Rolling the top lame.
After the roll. Both lames are done.
-6 Jan. 2007-
The top lame on the Cuisse.
The general look of the leg.
-7 Jan. 2007-
After the center ridge.
Amy made all the straps / buckles.
The edge of the large roll. After the TIG welding the edge.
-8 Jan. 2007-
All the pieces are polished.
Amy came out and helped for about 2 hours. .
-9 Jan. 2007-
Setting the rivet for the joints.
Place the spacer tool around the rivet.
The rivet will be counter sunk into the lame, once done riveting remove the spacer tool. Placing the straps on the armor.
The leg after it is done. A view of the straps, one more cleaning and it is done.
The End. *

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