Frank F., 16ga. Mild Steel Breastplate
with Tassets / Back Plate

This page is depicting Frank's project as we go.

-11 March 2005-
This is the pattern for Frank's size.
The pattern on the steel.
After the cut.
The view from under the plate.
The view from under the plate.
The wire in the roll for strengths.
-13 March 2005-
After the roll.

The front of the plate.
-14 March 2005-
The breastplate bend in place.
The front after the weld.
The breastplate from the side.
The inside, double welded,
inside and out, now comes the clean-up.
-15 March 2005-
The breastplate after grinding down the weld.
The first fauld of two on the breatplate.
Side view of the breastplate to show the clean line.
-17 March 2005-
The breatplate with the second lam of the fauld and the tassets on the anvil.
-18 March 2005-
The breastplate with tassets.
Close-up of the tasset.
-20 March 2005-
Back plate with pattern.
Close-up of the breastplate buckel.
The decore' is about ~1550.
Close-up of the rivets of the fault's. Rolling the edge of the back plate.
All the armor for this order together, before cleaning. Left side.
Right side. Back of the armor.
-22 March 2005-
Placing the side straps on the breastplate.
Polishing the breast and back plates.
Placing carnuba on the armor. Semi side view of the armor.
Side view. Front view.
A good way to display the armor, this is the way the armor is displayed in Graz armory, Austia. The End -

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