This project is for a modified set of
Gothic legs which will be blued with a
distressed look (Like in LOTR) for David D.

This page is depicting David's project as we go along.

This is David in his armor.

-6 Oct. 2005-
This is the lay-out / pattern for the knee cop's.
The dishing of the cop pieces which are 14ga. mild steel.
The pieces TIG welded together to form the cop. Another view of the knee cop's, now they need cleaning.
-8 Oct. 2005-
The greaves.
The greaves after the bluing.
The articulation on the knee cop. The knee cop's with the lams.
Cuishe's with the art work. These are the legs so far.
-9 Oct. 2005-
The eye, art work on the side knee guard.
The Cuishe's one about done.
The the legs so far. Look at the contrast between the blued greaves and the rest of the steel. The plauldrons after bluing and installing the straps.
-11 Oct. 2005-
The Cuishe's are done.
The Cuishe's with the greaves, the Cuishe's are not blued yet.
The Cuishe's after the bluing. The leg armor after all is done and blued, the Cuishe's still need cleaning.
-13 Oct. 2005-
The legs with all the leather straps and buckles. The Cuishe's are supported by a loop to a belt.
This is to show the articulation of the knee's.

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