This project is for a Gothic Ceremonial Gauntlet
for Carol B. in 18ga. 304 Stainless.

This page is depicting the work as we design and build the armour.

-Apr. 29, 2008-
This is all the parts raw.
This gauntlet will have brass for decor' with etching.
-Apr. 30, 2008-
This is the back of the gauntlet.
The hinge part of the gauntlet, once done this will be riveted.
-May 5, 2008-
The first three lames to show articulation.
-May 6, 2008-
This is the hinge for the thumb.
The rest of the parts as the become part of the whole.
-May 7, 2008-
This places all the lames on the gauntlet.
Inside view.
-May 12, 2008-
The gauntlet is coming to an end.
Close-up view, this is just the basic cleaning, the detail buffing is last.
-May 14, 2008-
The thumb is mounted, plus one finger.
The inside view.
-May 15, 2008-
The gauntlet needs to be cleaned and the art work on the back.
-May 19, 2008-
The gauntlet with the brass art work.
The End.

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Klaus Jürgen Gehr (Armorer)

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