This is a project for a set of vambraces
in 16ga. 304 stainless steel.
This order is for Andrew C.

This page is depicting this project as we go.

-April, 17 2011-
This is the basic design, this vambrace is alone standing with the edges turned out, like high level Italian armor.
The front opening will be in a 30 degree angle for better hand mobility.
-April, 18 2011-
The pattern on the steel and the cutting out process.
-April, 19 2011-
Rolling the edges.
This is very time consuming and you can't rush this.
-April, 20 2011-
Rolling the edges of the second top.
. .
-April, 21 2011-
Needed to design a new hinge. This is like a machined hinge, it can not bend open.
-April, 24 2011-
The basic hinges cut out.
A good view of the roll, this will stop the blade going beyond this point.
-April, 25 2011-
Four out of six hinges are done.
Rolled the bottom front of the vambrace, it's getting close to the end.
-April, 26 2011-
Finished the last hinge.
. .
-April, 27 2011-
This is the general idea.
This is almost done, need to fine tune the parts and then the clean-up.
-May 1, 2011-
The End.
Special note on this armor, this is not a safety device. Read the disclaimer on this website.

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