This is a project for a set of cuisses
in 16ga. mild steel.
This order is for Andrew C.

This page is depicting this project as we go.

-May, 17 2011-
This is the base design, which will be modified with the measurements.
. .
-May, 25 2011-
The pattern for the knee-cops.
The pattern in 14ga. mild Steel.
Driving the steel into shape. The pieces after driving them, the next step is to weld them together.
-May, 26 2011-
Acetylene welded the knee-cops, one is semi cleaned the other one is not.
. .
-May, 31 2011-
The pattern on the 16ga. mild steel.
All the steel parts are now cut.
-June, 1 2011-
Deburred all the edges, this gives the general idea.
. .
-June, 2 2011-
The Italian roll on the cuisses, this roll is easy to collapse.
The roll on the upper cuisses.
-June, 5 2011-
The basic right leg, to show articulation.
The cuisse straight.
The inside view and a few other shots.
-June, 7 2011-
The Italian hinges pattern.
The raw work on steel.
-June, 13 2011-
The Italian hinges.
-June, 14 2011-
Almost have all the lames in place.
-June, 16 2011-
Working the side guards.
. .
-June, 21 2011-
The first cuisse build, but not cleaned nor straped. Forgot to post pic's the last few days.
Closed cuisse.
Inside view. Front view.
-June, 23 2011-
Both cuisse are build and now need cleaning and the straps.
Inside and out view of the cuisse.
-June, 26 2011-
The final work, cleaning with alcohol and placing carnuba on the steel. Also setting the holes for the straps. Tomorrow night we take off the carnuba to ship this on Tuesday. Now, no holes are set on the new straps, this has to be done with the owner wearing them.
-June, 27 2011-
The End.
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Klaus Jurgen Gehr (Armorer)

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