This is a project for a Italian style breastplate
made out of 18ga. 304 Stainless Steel for Aaron.
This armor will have two faults and Italian tassets.
All edges are rolled.

This page is depicting this project as we make the armor for Aaron.

-17 Jan. 2007-
Was not planning to work on this but the shop outside is to cold to work on Cliff's project.
This is the pattern for Aaron's breastplate.
This is the pattern for the back and faults/tassets.
-29 Jan. 2007-
All the pieces are now cut out, next clean all the edges.
The pattern on the steel.
-30 Jan. 2007-
Placing how to work the pattern on the steel.
. .
-31 Jan. 2007-
The tassets are worked with the art.
Rolling the edge on the breastplate.
-2 Feb. 2007-
The breastplate in the Englishwheel.
The breastplate after about 20 min.
The breastplate from the side. The breastplate is about 1.25" deep now.
We will test this on Aaron and drive the plate just a bit more to fit him right.
-3 Feb. 2007-
The breastplate on Aaron front shoot.
The breastplate on Aron side view, the flow of the plate/body as one.
The driving of the breastplate. The breastplate is now close to 1.5".
-4 Feb. 2007-
Sculptured the back plate for the shoulders and the spine.
The breastplate / back plate and the tassets.
-5 Feb. 2007-
Placing the faults on the breastplate.
The straps and hardware to hold the tassets.
The breastplate without tassets. With tassets, which is the general look.
-7 Feb. 2007-
The armor is done, just one more cleanup and punch the holes.
The back view, no holes have been punched.
-9 Feb. 2007-
Aaron picking up the armor.
The End

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