About the Armourer

Klaus J. Gehr was born in Hessen, Germany where he lived for 16 years. His father exposed him to Germany’s rich medieval past in the forms of castles and towns. Many of these places had museums which seemed unchanged by time. Several of the locations he visited and viewed had elaborate collections of arms and armour on display. This stirred an interest in Klaus at a young age.

In 1972 his aunt and grandmother had taken Klaus to the Marksburg castle during a Rhein river tour. That castle is famous for its armour through the ages display. These images stuck in his mind and eventually inspired him to make and build armor himself.
Klaus Jürgen Gehr
In 1974 Klaus arrived in America and served with the US Army, shortly there after he completed his Bachelor degree in engineering. He started making mail armour which progressed to plate mail amour. It was at this time, he made the decision to focus on more historical armour and proceeded to produce custom work based on 14th/15th Century designs. He began work on more elaborated pieces in the German and Italian style.

In the spring of 1999 the OnLineArmory was officially opened in Richardson, Texas and then moved to Burkeville, Texas in 2014. We are a full-service armory, supplying both armour and special medieval items to it’s clientele. We are continually striving to upgraded and improve the armory for the custom work we do. Klaus with his extensive reference library continually designs and engineers new armour to meet our customers requirements and needs. Our business is now an international supplier of armor for both theatrical and reenacting/Life Steel.
We sincerely hope you will become one of our satisfied customers too.

Amy and Klaus

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